Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Thankful For New Mexico by Artist Cheri Wollenberg

16x20 Original Oil On Canvas Painting
by Cheri Wollenberg - Artist

This painting is one that I began several years ago after I had become so inspired during a trip to New Mexico.  I love their grand state, and it truly is a land of enchantment.  I also love my own state of Oklahoma.  It has it's own brand of beauty that is enduring to me.  I'm thankful that I'm here with my family.  During this unpredictable and discouraging season of COVID 19 it is good for me to remember some wonderful trips my husband and I have made through the years.   I'm also grateful for digital cameras....nice ones too!  We can record lots of photos on them.  Another time I'll share about the old (yet wonderful) SLR cameras that allowed a limited amount of images on a roll of film.  So much to be thankful for today!  Thank you New Mexico for your friendly people and beautiful land that we can visit and come away enriched with enchanted visions!



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