Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Pumpkin Gourd Painting II by Cheri Wollenberg

Original Oil on Artist Board 2018
by Cheri Wollenberg
Today's small painting is another 6x6 painting featuring some autumn leaves with a striped gourd.  These little gourds fascinate me!  Every year I buy more.  They bring so much color and variety to decorations whether in or outside the home.  They add to the creation of a festive atmosphere to the season.  I'm very thankful today for the art principle of variety!  Entertainment for me is quite simple:)  Find it here!

Monday, September 24, 2018

A Pumpkin Just In Time

With Pink Polka Dot Background
6x6 Original Oil Painting on Canvas
Cheri Wollenberg 2018

I suppose it's never too late to start again!  Life brings many diversions but time rolls on.  This small pumpkin will be a post starting again!  I haven't posted for a while now, but hopefully I'll make a habit of it again.  This small, autumn still life painting was a warm-up project you might say.  Sometimes when I've not been able to paint for a week or so I want to experience physical sensations of smell, touch, sight and problem solving to prepare me for a larger project (LOL).  This happens to be one of those.  It is listed in my Etsy store.  Take a look here.

Poppy The Pig, Original Oil Painting by Cheri Wollenberg

Poppy Original 8x8 Oil Painting On Canvas by Cheri Wollenberg   Poppy is pig who might be hungry and waiting on his master to bring corn or ...