Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cow Painting of Winken,Blinken, and Nod

24x36x2 Oil on Canvas
Cheri Wollenberg
Three very different colored cows are lost in a sea of bright, golden wheat. They reminded me of an old children's poem Wynken,Blynken and Nod. The black and white, black and blond cows are watching and searching for a way go home. Perhaps they are waiting for someone to direct them. They are happy and unconcerned about the anxieties of the world. They are dreaming of food!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cow Painting "Ralph"

16x16 Oil on Canvas
Cheri Wollenberg
Ralph is a special black and white cow that has a very laid back personality. He is relaxed as he can be. He is not worried that he could be late for dinner and is quite confident that he is admired for his black, sleek coat and beautiful white face that is graced with a cute black nose and absolutely great eye lashes:)  More about him can be found here in my Etsy store.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Strawberries Painting

6x8 Oil on Canvas
Cheri Wollenberg
Strawberries, juicy strawberries!  Red is an exciting, sensual color to animate.  You can find this painting in my Etsy store.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Copper Turkish Coffee Maker, Gourd and Zinnia Painting

6x8 Oil on Artist Board
Cheri Wollenberg
I love coffee.  I am a caffeine addict and I know it!  I have tried to stop drinking the stuff so many times, but it is much more than the caffeine...wouldn't you agree?  It is the warm, hot temperature, the aroma and then the "waking up" sensations that we habitual coffee drinkers have when we get up in the morning.   I especially love it when the weather starts turning right now in Oklahoma.  My daughter and her husband were missionaries in Bosnia for a couple of years.  She learned to appreciate the stronger coffee there and loved the coffee makers.  She gifted me with this beautiful Turkish Coffee Maker on one of her trips back from Bosnia.  I enjoy painting copper things and it seemed fitting to place it with these seasonal items of harvest....the gourd and zinnia.  Visit my Etsy store by clicking the widget next to my post to find out how to purchase this painting.

Poppy The Pig, Original Oil Painting by Cheri Wollenberg

Poppy Original 8x8 Oil Painting On Canvas by Cheri Wollenberg   Poppy is pig who might be hungry and waiting on his master to bring corn or ...