Monday, November 12, 2018

Santa I

Santa I
9x12 Oil on Canvas Board 2018
Cheri Wollenberg
Santa I has already found a home; however, I wanted to tell about him.  As I painted him I felt he was in a "stew" to get accomplish something that was important and he needed to do it quickly.  This is probably why his beard became unruly and seemed to be blowing with the wind against his face like fighting impending forces of responsibilities.  Honestly, I think I was painting my feelings that day (LOL)!  I had not painted in a while because of our move, and I couldn't wait until I had a brush in my hand to begin my warm-up sessions.  I had painted small pumpkins earlier, but never seemed to accomplish much, so I chose whimsical Santas for subjects,  and I'm thinking I will have to leave them for a year now since I've acquired a few other paintings to do for others.   I'm hoping to get one more, Santa VI, finished before I do.  Thanks for dropping by.  I have a few of these fellows in my Etsy store.  They need a home as well:)

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