Friday, July 12, 2019

Old Homestead Near Cordell, Oklahoma

9x12 Oil On Stretched Canvas
by Cheri Wollenberg

This small 9x12 original painting is of an old homestead near Cordell, Oklahoma.  I've painted it several times in different sizes.  It always interested me.  In spite of the badly deteriorating state it was in it seemed to have a beautiful story behind it.  We would see it consistently every year when we traveled west toward the Texas panhandle on our trips to New Mexico.  Once it was old and gray and almost falling down, but the next summer it had been white-washed and sort of pushed back into a vertical position.  Once it looked as if it had been used as a Halloween haunted house:)  I was always so curious about this old home.  I wondered if it had been made to look good for a movie, magazine story or if it was dressed up because of Route 66 promotional materials.  Whatever....I loved this old home.  I'm very curious about past stories,  and I truly wish I were a writer and I could bring it to life by my own creative thoughts, but this will certainly not happen!!! (LOL)  If you are from Cordell, Oklahoma and have some comments please feel free to comment here on my blog or my FB page:
This small painting is listed in my Etsy store.  You can follow this link to see it.

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