Saturday, July 20, 2013

Red Enamelware Pot With Red and Yellow Flowers and Lemons - A Still Life Painting

Red Enamelware Pot -Red and Yellow Flowers
8x8 Oil on Canvas
Cheri Wollenberg
Summer is brightness and fun.  Artists express what is around them.  I have many favorite items to set up in still lifes to paint.  In this painting I wanted to convey a mood of  brilliance and brightness - summer in this case with this little daily painting.  Reds and yellows convey warmth so my choices of items were perfect for what I wanted to create.  This painting is listed on Etsy.  You are welcome to visit there or contact me personally about the purchase of this painting.  Have a happy summer!

Poppy The Pig, Original Oil Painting by Cheri Wollenberg

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