Thursday, September 24, 2020

Painted by Cheri Wollenberg

I was traveling to the studio this morning.  It is only three miles from me so I don't get too much viewing of the "townscape"between home and there, but this morning within a couple of blocks from my destination I noticed that the leaves on the maple trees that line the streets are beginning to turn red!!  Gee, no one told me it would be overnight that the color would be there!!  Amazing how much joy color can bring.  I love it!  It first reminds me of growing up which is a story for another time! We haven't even had a freeze yet, and my husband is mowing the lawn almost every other day!!  What can I say?  It just sneaked up on me (LOL).  I listed this painting yesterday in my Etsy shop.  If you are from Shawnee or the surrounding area and are interested in taking a look at it, it resides in my studio window downtown!  Thanks for taking a look.  I loved painting this little still life too.


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