Friday, February 15, 2013

Baby Face - Horse Painting

Baby Face
12x12x2 Oil on Cradled Birch Wood Panel
Cheri Wollenberg
Baby Face has a fuzzy mane, blazed face, sienna colored coat against a golden to yellow background. He is the first of some baby horse portraits I am planning to paint.  Several years ago I took photographs of a pasture of new baby colts here in central Oklahoma.  They are so curious and playful (chuckle).   So many times they would kick up their heels, run fast and stop and look straight at me as if they were "showing off".  I loved it and I am looking forward to painting this group of babies.  To purchase this horse painting you will need to contact me personally.


Katherine Thomas said...

It's really evident how much you enjoy being with the horses. This little fellow shows such curiosity and trusting innocence. You love your animals and can see their souls, that's very clear from the way you painted this one. I also love the red tulips piece! A whole different subject, but with the same passion and awareness of the 'soul' of the subject.

Jennifer Richardson said...

well look at that face!
how in the world
do you capture the spirit
in the eyes?
you have such a magnificent gift,
thanks ever so much for sharing,

Linda said...


Diana Marshall said...

Love all your animal paintings, you are especially good at potraying those doe eyed cows, wonderful, and this foal is precious too.


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