Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Red Tulips in Yellow Pitcher Still Life Painting

Oil on 10x10x1.5 Birchwood Cradled Panel
Cheri Wollenberg
I went to sit with my mother today.  She has been ravaged with dementia.  Sadly she is aware that things are not right.  She tries so hard to reason, think of words to express her thoughts and understand her failure to find things.  It is a miserable disease!  As I traveled to her home I had this wild idea that I would stop by a local shop and buy her something for Valentines.  I bought a stuffed monkey and a cup of candy!  She loved them.  What a good mother she continues to be...she actually made my day just as she has so many times in my life.   This painting of brilliant red tulips in a sunny yellow vessel and little red vase reminds me of happy times, new times and Valentines.  Red is a favorite during Valentines Day.  We have opportunities to demonstrate our love to others.  I had a small opportunity today.  To see this listing click here.


Karen Werner said...

Lovely painting and post, Cheri. I'm going to call my mom first thing in the morning. God bless you both.

Jennifer Richardson said...

i can't even imagine
how hard and painful that must be
for both of you.
i pray grace and peace
over every portion
of your hours apart
and together.
and thanks for this bright splash
of beauty,


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