Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Gourds and Gourd Paintings

Green and White Striped Gourd with Black Eyed Susan

6x6 Oil on Canvas

Cheri Wollenberg

Gourds are some of the most fun objects to paint.  Their textures, shapes and colors are endless.  Placing a sunflower or two gives an added interest.  Painting them always puts me in a festive, autumn spirit and scooping up large quantities of paint and applying it on canvas makes me happy Laughing out loud.  These small paintings are listed in my Etsy store.


Assortment of Gourds with Blue and White Vase

6x6 Oil on Canvas

Cheri Wollenberg

Gourd and Crock 12x12

Crock, Gourds, and Sunflowers

12x12 Oil on Canvas

Cheri Wollenberg

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