Friday, November 18, 2011

Green and Red Peppers in Blue and White Bowl Painting

10x10 Original Oil Painting
Cheri Wollenberg
Moving is not easy!  We have been moving to a different state during the last several weeks.  Oh My!!!
This is one of the paintings that I have managed to complete since moving my studio.  I'm getting use to my surroundings, and I needed the therapy that painting provides me.  When I paint my troubles and stress seem to disappear.  This particular still life painting was a little more tedious for me to do than some.  Green and red bell peppers make such a wonderful complementary statement.  Kitchens that have a lot of reds in them has to have green to create pleasing color balance.  In this painting the blue and white bowl seemed to be the perfect container for this little still life.  I loved the way the colors complemented one another and bounced around visually. If you are interested in this painting you can find it by clicking Peppers! 


Virginia Floyd said...

Beautiful, Cheri. I love the red and green combination. I hope you soon get adjusted to your new surroundings and back in the groove for painting again.

Mike Watson said...

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