Friday, September 10, 2010

Sunflowers II

Sunflower I
6x8 Original Oil on Canvas
Cheri Wollenberg
Sunflowers defined are tall plants with yellow-petaled blossoms.  They are much more to artists!  They capture our eyes with their extremely warm and brilliant yellow petals that range from green yellows to rusty golden yellows.  They are in no way timid...they are wild and boldly attractive to us.  They tease us with different anatomy and design.  Their petals are sometimes wide and overlapped as opposed to slender and sparse.  Some of them have very dark, almost black, seedy centers while others have brown, green, or gold centers.  They all seem to have those grabby rough leaves which somehow reflect the sky as we examine them from a distance.  In Oklahoma the sunflowers grow up from red dirt which makes them more attractive than ever.  The reds complement the greens so beautifully.  We artists, like Van Gogh cannot help from trying to capture and express their image.   Oh my, what a privilege we have as painters to try to emulate with brush on canvas this excellent natural plant,
a gift from God the Creator.


julia Kulish/ Art Speaking said...

This is really something Cheri - and the blog post was written so eloquently. thanks for sharing !

Karen Werner said...

Hi Cheri,

I found your words about sunflowers delightful because I began yet another sunflower painting today. Your paintings are beautiful!

Horst said...

Very well done Cheri, very juicy colors. I am still waiting to paint mine, it was real battle to grow my sunflowers, as soon as they are about 2 feet high the deer come and eat the softest part of the plant, the beginning of the bloom, now the plant has the to produce another bloom, meanwhile I am watering every evening and hoping to see some flowers before fall.

Diana Marshall said...

What a pretty face, beautifully painted, love your shadow and highlight colours too.


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