Thursday, January 14, 2021

Interest Not Lost But On Hold - Lavender And Turquoise Painting

Lavender And Turquoise

12x12 Original Acrylic Painting

by Cheri Wollenberg

I looked at the number of posts I've made since 2010 here on my blog.  I've steadily declined each year in the number of posts which was sort of a shock!  I always hope to do better! However, I enjoy writing about my painting processes and the inspiration that motivates me to paint certain subjects.  I have favorite quotes from master artists that I hope to share this year along with my work.  Recently I've been curious about some techniques of mono-printing that I hope to share with readers.  To work with acrylics and these techniques has taken me far from my comfort zone, but in some strange ways has freed my mind to explore and take a few chances that I believe could be beneficial to the process of my painting.  This particular painting is acrylic!  I'm an oil painter by choice, but take a look at the texture that is in the background.  I love it! I'm also challenged as a palette knife painter, so maybe this is why this appeals to me (LOL).

This painting is listed in my Etsy shop.  You can find more information about it by clicking


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