Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Blondie - A Cow Painting

8x10 Oil Painting on Canvas
Cheri Wollenberg 
Blondie is another one of my son's cows that graze behind our house.  She had her nose turned up one evening as the sun was going down and I fancied that she was smelling the grass and clover that was all around her and the other cattle.  Her blond coat of summer hair was high lighted in the sun,  and her ears were perked up as I walked up with my camera.  She looks proud and relaxed in this painting.  Cow paintings are such a favorite thing to paint.  She is priced in my Etsy shop.  This link will take you there.

1 comment:

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh, the beautiful cows
you know!
i love the idea of even
SEEING all of these beauties,
much less painting them
so wonderfully!
you really have such
an amazing eye
for beauty:)
thanks for sharing,


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