Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rooster - Rooster Painting

12x12 Original Oil on Canvas
Cheri Wollenberg
It won't be long until my husband and I will be moving to our farm home.  I mentioned in an earlier post (June 14)  that my grandson and I had talked about raising some chickens.  He has not forgot!!!  Thinking about chickens again caused me to remember a painting that I did of a rooster.  I never was very happy with the results.  The compostion was not right for the support size.  So this is what I did to this fellow....  I cropped him on the canvas, took my exacto knife and did a little "surgery".  He was painted originally on a 16x20 stretched canvas.  I cropped and cut a 12x12 image from it and I'm much happier now.  The composition reads better.   I glued the painted canvas to a heavy foamboard with archival glue and framed him.  He is in my Etsy shop.  You can see two views...one of him and one of him framed.   Have a look at him.  He is a very welcoming fellow:)


Virginia Floyd said...

He is a beauty! Love that proud look.

I'd like to have a few chickens--some pretty red or black ones. But our homeowners association doesn't allow poultry.

Katydid said...

What a beautiful rooster. It makes me miss my rooster Rhett. Looking forward to your posts from your country home!

Angela said...

What a good idea. I love the majestic boldness he presents.

Luisa said...

hey i like this one.
the animal looks so proud.
great work!


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