Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Brass Pot and Red Apple

8x8 Oil on Artist Board
Cheri Wollenberg
This painting features a little brass-like pot that I picked up somewhere at a flea market.  It is more like an aluminum metal and is very yellowish.  I've always liked the shape of it, but the color is not too desirable.  It doesn't reflect things like I thought it might.  It needed a punch of color and the red apple seemed to do it.  To buy this painting click


Jennifer Richardson said...

You have the most wonderful eye!
Really, I love the way
you look and see:)

Virginia Floyd said...

I love this painting, Cheri! The dark background really shows off the teapot. You did a wonderful job on the form of the pot. The red apple adds a nice touch of color to the arrangement. Very nice!

Angela said...

Once again I love these dark backgrounds.


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