Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Two Tomatoes

Two Tomatoes
6x8 Original Oil on Wrap Around Canvas
by Cheri Wollenberg

Well, I lost the race!  My husband and I were in a race to raise the first tomato of the year.  I opted to get the "new" upside down "cherry" tomato version (laugh - it was the most creative), and he went with the regular "beefy" one that gets large.  I (without telling him) fertilized mine...but he won anyway.  We had a feast on his tomato by making tomato and bacon sandwiches...ummmmmm.  I was inspired to paint tomatoes again.  Every year I paint tomatoes when they become ripe in harvest.  They are lovely to look at.  They have such beauty in their texture and color.  Just by previous experiences of eating them, a visual memory brings my mouth to water.  Hopefully this little composition will do the same......bring a memory of a previous, sensual experience that includes the beauty, the red color, the texture and taste of the simple tomato. 
You can purchase this painting by following this link:


Angela said...

Well this painting is surely a winner.

Angela said...

Cheri I gave you a Beautiful Blogger Award. Go to my site to get it.

Carol Blackburn said...

Love the fresh from the backyard garden look. These are not hothouse tomatoes by any means.


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