Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Omelet Fixings–A Still Life Painting

9x12 Original Oil on Masonite
Cheri Wollenberg
“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”……C.S.Lewis
I have been selling my work on a venue called Etsy since 2009.  Besides selling my work and loving every minute of that aspect, I have made some of the most wonderful online friends I would have ever imagined.  CP is one of those. She is an artist and has a web page on Etsy too.  Click here to check her shop out.  Over the last couple of years we have communicated back and forth by email through Etsy.  She is fantastic at making treasuries.  Want to see one....click here.  Omelet Fixings (above) is a painting listed on my Etsy web page in the SOLD section.  I’m so pleased with this painting because it is a work of two minds, and I am included. CP is the image creator and I am the painting creator.  CP wanted a painting of some of her favorite things placed together to tell a story of an experience she has had.  She shared with me how much fun she had with some friends as she placed and arranged the objects into the composition.  I loved that she enjoyed the composing experience too!   She asked me to paint her beautiful experience as a custom order for her.  So, I cannot get any credit for the beautiful (almost formal) balanced composition and the elements that went together to make this still life, but I enjoyed painting it.  I thought of how much I’ve enjoyed getting to know her, and I’m so appreciative that she chose my style, and gave me the privilege of reproducing a happy moment.  I consider this lady a “friend”.  Thanks CPSmile

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Anonymous said...

I just knew that Cheri would take my simple photographic composition and impart her unique expressionism to absolutely enchant all who see it! Through the expert blending of oil paints and through her brushstrokes, she contributes a certain celestial dimension to the commonplace. The floral creamer in particular is the star of this show-- this artist has taken the harsh lines of the subject, and has rendered them both accurately in dimension and beauty, yet has added an ethereal softness and luxury that is quite something to behold. My dear friend’s antique jadeite mixing bowl shall always be with me now, my love of cheddar cheese and jalapeno pepper and eggs blended together with a lowly wire whisk now bejeweled upon this canvas has turned every day “Omelet Fixings” into one fine treasure! Thank you, Lady Wollenberg! With Fondest Admiration, Cheralyn


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