Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nellie - Pig Painting

6x6 Oil on Artist Board
Cheri Wollenberg
Nellie is a Hampshire pig.  Hampshire pigs are usually all black with white markings on their faces.  My grandson shows pigs in the local livestock fairs here in Central Oklahoma.  His favorite breeds of pig are the Hampshire and Spot hogs.  Nellie is pretty young here.....and clean!  It doesn't take much for her to find mud and have a dirt bath.  Details of this small painting can be seen in my Etsy shop by clicking here.


SYLVIANE said...

She is so cute!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

I never thought I'd find a pig so charming! Wonderfully executed. You so captured the essential pigness of Nellie!

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh friend, you found the beauty
in a lowly pig
....isn't that where most beauty
is found.
i love this....thank you:)


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