Friday, May 4, 2012

Crock Pitcher and Radishes

Crock Pitcher and Radishes
8x8 Oil on Canvas
Cheri Wollenberg

Uno Radish
6x8 Oil on Canvas
Cheri Wollenberg
The last several days we have harvested the first fruits from our garden.  This is so exciting to me because it has been years since we lived on a farm and actually grew our own vegetables.  Then we were more excited about large crops of wheat and raising cattle and kids.  We liked gardening then, but didn't slow down and "enjoy" the remarkable process of watching the seeds grow to something edible and beautiful.  When we picked our first beauties....red radishes and green onions this year I couldn't wait to paint them.  Then we ate them!  These paintings can be purchased by following this link:  Original Oil Paintings by Cheri Wollenberg by ChatterBoxArt

1 comment:

Stephanie Berry said...

I like how you deal with the fabric border repeating the red of the radishes. Very nice!


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