Monday, November 28, 2011

Snowman I - Christmas 2011 Painting

10x10 Original Oil Painting
Cheri Wollenberg
Every year I try to do a special daily painting for Christmas.  This painting was for fun, it is not realistic but whimsical at best.  I loved doing him.  I felt like a child again and very playful.  I plan to do several more of these little guys if the mood and brush so dictates.   I was inspired to do this fellow when I saw the most adorable felted snowmen on Etsy by Teresa.  Her handmade creations can be seen by clicking this link:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/BearCreekDesign?ref=ss_profile.  I am selling prints of my snowmen here.


Katherine Thomas said...

He's adorable! I love the composition and the colors. You did such an awesome job with that snow!

Karla said...

Absolutely Adorable! You should make this into cards for sale.

Pencils and Paint said...

This one really made me smile...such an adorable face and festive colors. I'd love to see more like it. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. :o)


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