Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sunflowers III

16x20 Oil on Canvas
Cheri Wollenberg
Here in Fayetteville, Arkansas we have had many weeks of dry and "hot" weather.  Like so many cities and states we have had record-breaking temperatures.  Many states now have had temperatures in three digits for over 30 days.  The sunflower is one wildflower that seems to withstand these temperatures.  They have become wilted and dry, but those beautiful yellow petals still hold a beauty that so many of us cannot resist.  Several weeks ago we were invited to a friend's home to see her son off on a journey that he is taking.  My friend (who is an artist) had decorated the tables and various places in her home with these magnificent flowers that had come from her father's garden.  She shared these particular ones with me and I have started several paintings from photos that I had taken of them in several different compositional stills.  Sunflowers III can be purchased by clicking here.


Carol Blackburn said...

Another one of your beautiful works, Cheri. What a peculiar little pitcher.

Virginia Floyd said...

Nice range of darks and light in this, Cheri. I think everyone loves sunflowers.

Katherine Thomas said...

Wow, thats beautiful. The colors are applied so masterfully! I also like the vase with radishes below. I admire how you use the same colors throughout to create a unified, satisfying experience for the eye. Very nice!


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