Friday, October 22, 2010


6x6 Oil on Canvas
Cheri Wollenberg
The inspiration for this little painting came from my daughter-in-law who sent an image to me from her iphone.  She had been out feeding their cattle.  I have a difficult time painting landscapes on small canvases.  I am determined to do some plein air painting this fall.  Painting from life is always more invigorating and satisfying.  I am spoiled with still lifes because I can set them up in the setting of a comfortable studio and they are "still".  I will challenge myself this autumn to paint outdoors!
This painting may be purchased at:  Meadow


Jennifer Richardson said...

Makes my heart feel wider open...

Anne said...

I struggle painting landscapes and this is just beautiful.

Angela said...

Such beautiful trees. You have really accomplished much with the lush greens.Love it.

Angela said...

Love the way you captured the blues and greens in this. Perfect sky peaking through the leaves.

Karen Werner said...

Very nice! Love the sky holes.


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