Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Trees in Early Morning Light

Trees in Morning Light - 9x12
Cheri Wollenberg
At our farm in Oklahoma I can go out the back door anytime of the day and observe different patterns of light through the trees in the back yard. I could paint this particular place dozens of times like Monet did on his haystack series, and never tire of the different moods and elements of art that create such exciting compositions.


Helen said...

If this is what you see when you look out your back door, then I understand why you love your farm house.

Carol Blackburn said...

Absolutely beautiful, Cheri. So peaceful looking.

Beverly said...

Thanks for stopping by my apron blog and leaving such a sweet comment!! Your paintings are beautiful. We live on a farm in PA. So, I know what you mean about having lots to inspire you!

Have a wonderful rest of your week,
Bee Haven Aprons
(Touch of the Past Aprons)


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