Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cow Painting of "Pearl"

20x16 Oil on Canvas
Cheri Wollenberg
Pearl is named after a dear friend of mine and my husbands.  We knew him for 10 years and our lives were blessed because of him.  This painting is in his memory.  The cow painted here has a very sweet and pensive look.  I am pretty happy with the design and color of him.  His Hereford coat is red, rusty browns, and his face has whites of beautiful blue, warm beige and browns.  Pearl has sold; however, prints can be bought of him at Fine Art America.    If you are interested click here.....Pearl.


Karen Werner said...

Beautifully painted.

Jennifer Richardson said...

how in the world does one
paint a soul?
but you DO!
those eyes are so real
and tender
and thoughtful
I could look and linger
for a long, long while.
thanks for sharing your pearls,

Helen said...

I just imagine that when Heaven's gates opened and Pearl walked (without his walker) through, everyone said, "Welcome home, Pearl." It was another day of praise, and Pearl joined in.


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