Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nameless Has Been Named!

The contest is over!!!   I promised that my husband and I would pick the name that would fit this gentleman (or gentlecow:) by November 14, 2010.  I must confess that I knew a few of the participants personally because I posted on Facebook....so I had to back out of the decision making process.  When I saw all the creative names and titles coming in, I was so pleased and it was great fun, but I knew I wouldn't be able to choose.   I decided to bless my husband with all the responsibility in making the choice!  He does not read my blog anyway!  So I felt he wouldn't be biased and would have no problem.  Well.....I gave the names and comments to him this afternoon as we traveled back from a trip to our farm home in Oklahoma.  He had 4 1/2 hours to decide:)  He narrowed it down to four and finally decided.   I asked him to explain why he picked this name.  He said, "Having had a few cattle (hundreds) in his lifetime, he recognized a look out of this guy's eye.  This look means handle with care and caution.  If things don't work out between 'me and thee', give that fella an opportunity to get to know someone else (laugh)."  The winner is Mary Jahn, comment posted on October 25, 2010 - SALE BARN SAM.  Thanks Mary for entering.  Will you please contact me through email to give me your address...............and by the way folks, this is the real guy.


Pam said...

Great name and congrats to the winner!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Such a handsome fellow:)
Glad he has a strong name.

Virginia Floyd said...

I like your husband's humor!


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