Friday, June 25, 2010

Drinking Coffee! Painting Cups and Saucers?

Blue and White Polka Dots
Original Oil Painting
6x8 Wrap Around Canvas

Drinking coffee is a pleasurable experience, wouldn't you say? Why is it? This morning I tried to think of how I would describe these habitual moments that take place often in my life. I love the aroma, the flavor, and the warmth (especially in the wintertime). Then of course - it gets me going. Is this the buzz? The little coffee cup above is one of several that I have painted in the last couple of months. It is also pleasurable to smell the aroma of paint, to visually see something interesting, to load a brush with oil paint and place on the canvas, and then get the "buzz" from something that brings together an assortment of the elements of art like pieces of a puzzle into something very pleasing and generating. Which is the most "habit forming"? I cannot tell.............

1 comment:

Petra said...

I enjoy very much watching your blog with these beautiful paintings!

Kind regards from Germany,



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