Thursday, April 1, 2010

Strawberries II

I have certainly found out that the discipline of writing (posting) is much harder than the discipline of painting pictures. It has been a while since I posted last; nevertheless, I must say that I am on a roll -- a strawberry roll! Webster's Dictionary describes my "roll" as moving like a ball, as if on wheels. I have been painting strawberries almost daily for a week. Mmmmm, such pleasure, both edible and in creativity. Hope you enjoy the next few days as I have.
Delicious Strawberries


giddyappony said...

Hi Cheri,

Thanks so much for your comment on my chocolate covered strawberries. Just decided to try making them for the first time today.

I'm soooo glad I clicked on your blog link!! Your art is wonderful!! The strawberries are amazing!! I'm nuts about old truck paintings & cow paintings & your paintings in general! Thank you for the chance to see your work!!!

Have to go add you to my fav. list.

Kind regards,

Angela said...

Cheri, what a nice plate of strawberries. I love your paintings they are so fresh and lively.

Angela said...

Such a beautiful bowl of strawberries. Your paintings are so lively and fresh. I love them.

Sherry Pierce Thurner said...

Delectable - your strawberries just glisten.


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