Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Miriam's Quilt - Part IV - Post 1

Miriam is almost finished with her quilt.  Please check out the earlier blog posts about her process.  It is so interesting and I love this quilt.  Can't wait to feature it as a finished item!  The quilt blocks are made with the designed fabric panels, Down On The Farm by Robert Kaufman.  This design happens to be licensed through Sage Brush Fine Art and it is my artwork! Thanks for coming by.  Here are Miriam's update and photos.  ENJOY

Hi Cheri,
 I finished all the rows of the animals with the 9 patch block. In addition, I sewed together the satching rows that will be attached in between the blocks. As you can see, I attached one satching row on the top of the quilt to make sure it lined up correctly. The biggest problem now is that all the seams line up properly and points meet so is pleasant to the eye. This is when you know your 1/4" seams where exact when you are sewing the fabrics together. Of course, the correct size of the cut of each piece is also very important. Thus, it will all come together nicely at the end.

After everything is sewn together, the batting and backing of the quilt has to be put together. More on that later and what to expect next which will be two more steps to completion.

Hope all is well and will keep you posted!

Warm regards always,


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