Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Green Pear and Orange Persimmons

6x12 Oil on Linen
Cheri Wollenberg
When I was a child we didn't have "high-tech" tools and toys.  In fact, the year I enrolled in college at Oklahoma State University as a student I was "only an IBM card".  Some readers may know exactly what I'm talking about, but in summary, computers were so large they took up huge rooms in  buildings,  and their information or data was coded on....in this case.....perforated or punched IBM cards or extremely long perforated paper!!!!  If your card was lost....you were lost as a student until they could find the card.  Oh well, to get to my "main" story...losing anyone that might have been interested....persimmons was a mystery to me as a child.  I broke open the seeds and there was a knife and spoon!  I pondered on that a great deal.  In Oklahoma the wild persimmons are small fruit and so bitter it makes your teeth hurt if you should bite into one that is not extremely ripe.  I thought of this as I was painting this little still life!  As noted above, I included the finished product along with the original still life that I painted from although it is very small in the background.  I have more persimmon stories I must share sometime:)  This painting is listed in my Etsy store.  Please visit.


Nan Johnson said...

The lights & shadows in this is perfect! I've never tried a persimmon, and based on your short story - I don't think I want to!

And yes, sadly, I am old enough to remember the punch cards. In fact, I remember learning in high school business class, how to do punch cards. It was all for my preparation to be a secretary, when I would graduate & then answer the ads for "help wanted - female." Oh, such a different time that was!

Karen Bruson said...

Love the format and color palette.

Jennifer Richardson said...

someday i will be able to visit your etsy store
and purchase one of your works of art....your eye is magnificent.
i love the way you put it all


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