Friday, May 6, 2011

White Peonies in Pink Vase

10x10 Oil on Canvas
Cheri Wollenberg
I have white peonies that bloom every spring in my yard.  Each year I hardly can wait to paint them.  Their anatomy is so delicate and beautiful.  There are yellows and oranges that radiate out in the middle and through the slender petals from the center of the bloom itself.  Then on the outside of the bloom away from the bulbular center fall these very pale pink and white petals that catch light blue reflections from the sky and artificial light.  Peonies are a little challenging to paint, and sometimes I feel more successful in painting them than other times, but they are always a joy to try to emulate.  The pink vase is one of my still life favorites and I save it for very special flowers.  It is like a favorite child (laugh).  This year it seemed to cry out to me, to place these few peonies in it.  They compliment one another very well.  This painting is pretty high-key and has a pastel overtone.  To buy it you can click Peonies.


Nan Johnson said...

I love peonies - mine will not bloom yet for quite a while. This painting is lovely - shows the delicacy of the flowers. And I understand your fondness for that vase. Beautiful!

Carol Blackburn said...

Very beautiful, Cheri.

Jennifer Richardson said...

such a perfect mother's day
image....your paints are
more expressive than i can say:)

Pam said...

This is beautiful! You captured the peonies perfectly and the colors are so delicate and pretty. Do you ever do paintings of hollyhocks?

Karen Werner said...

Okay, I KNOW those peonies were hard to paint! All those petals so close together...and it's hard just painting ANY white flower...oh my gosh! You did a fabulous job! They are gorgeous!

Diana Marshall said...

This painting is a beauty! Love the soft colours, the colour of the vase complements the delicate peonies perfectly.

Ruth Andre said...

Peonies are always so welcome come spring. They are lovely in every way. You have captured them beautifully in this painting.


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