Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pansies in a White Gravy Boat

Pansies in a Gravy Boat
9x12 Oil on Linen
Cheri Wollenberg
My painting students wanted me to create a still life for them to paint this week.  I decided to arrange these cute little pansies in this wonderful ceramic piece that one of them had left with my still life container collection.  It made a delicate subject and extremely enjoyable one to paint.  The background was a gold piece of fabric and the gravy boat sat on a light teal colored cloth.  I decided to push the golds some by adding rusts and siennas so that there would be an orange hue to complement the teal colors.  The golden colors enhanced by the light made a great background for the purples of course.  The linen canvas is glued to heavy foam board so the painting requires framing. 

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