Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Raspberries in Rice Bowl

Raspberries in Rice Bowl
8x8 Original Oil on Canvas Board
Cheri Wollenberg

Last summer my husband and I were playing golf. We were at the 6th Tee and it is alongside an old farm fence at the golf course. I spotted these wonderful raspberries growing wild over and through the fence and I exclaimed to my husband that I had to have a few. He ducked his head (laugh) because he is a serious golfer. I think he was hoping that I was teasing. While no one was looking I slipped over, chopped some of them away, stickers and all....placed them in my golf bag and as soon as I got home I set them up in a still life. I kept this painting a long time because I couldn't let go of it, but recently listed it online and it sold quickly.


Carol Blackburn said...

It's lovely, Cheri. I can see why it sold quickly. Bet they were tasty, too.

Karen Bruson said...

Beautiful painting of raspberries. Great rendering.

Angela said...

Berries are the best and you have captured them perfectly.


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