Friday, August 27, 2010


Unexpected Company
Cheri Wollenberg
Since I had been called a name all my life that was pronounced wrong, how do I suddenly change it? Well, my "knight in shining armor" did it!!!! When I met my husband-to-be I told him of my little dilemma, and he started calling me Cheri Lynne. Humorous again, because he is a country boy who was raised in a rural area also, not far from my hometown, and he pronounced my name "sherry" Lynne rather than Cheri' Lynne. We attended college together (as a married couple), and immediately my name was changed! Our new friends never knew any difference. I am known now as "sherry" Lynne……………..Still not right, but...... Wouldn't it be wonderful if this was the only problem in life (laugh). Now I answer to anything....sharon,shelly,shara,shari...what does it matter? As an older and hopefully much wiser woman, I know that the person behind the name, what he/she does and is to others is what counts most. So, when I paint these little cheries', or "darlings" I remember with fondness that I was a little "cherry" at one time long ago and never knew the difference. THE END (TaDah!)


Carol Blackburn said...

As long as he doesn't call you by another woman's name.....I'd take it! :)

Helen said...

So.... what is your name?

Sandra Galda said...

great job on the cherries! nice to meet up with you on Fresh Daily Painters! happy painting! --sandra


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