Thursday, August 26, 2010

Part II

Chocolate Cupcake with Cherry on Top
Cheri Wollenberg

Cherry Amigos
Cheri Wollenberg

I was a post WWII baby in a rural, country setting. My father had come back from the war after being on tour in France. He loved the French names and brought back the intention that his children would have them. A great idea, but I think my friends must have wondered why anyone in the world would have spelled "cherry" like my parents did. As I grew into my teens and became dissatisfied with "unimportant" things, I decided that I was disappointed that my name was pronounced "cherry" Lynne. After all, I had a French last name too. It was DeA... Now this creates a dilemma for a teenager! To be continued…..

To purchase either of these small paintings you can go to my etsy shop:  http://www.chatterboxart.etsy.com/.


Carol Blackburn said...

Oh.....a bit of intrigue. Lovely paintings, Cheri. Can't wait to hear more of your story.

Angela said...

Lucky ones who got to eat these. How decadent and delicious. Love them.

Kim said...

hi Cheri
your blog is now listed at TAD
Please consider adding a TAD badge/link to your blog ..thank you
cheers Kim

SYLVIANE said...

Nice story, about your first name, and sure, it's lovely!

Nancie Johnson said...

Ok, I want to eat that cupcake! Love your story. My parents spelled my first name different also - which makes your story all the more real to me! I'm looking forward to reading the continuation......


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