Saturday, August 21, 2010

Behind Our Country Home

Behind Our Country Home
Cheri Wollenberg
We have a farm home in Oklahoma.  On a recent trip there it was haying time....which by the way has been constant during this spring and summer due to the consistant rains!  I couldn't resist doing this painting.  Everytime I go out the back door from our home I have new inspiration for paintings.  I will be posting other paintings of this great place as they are finished.  A friend recently exclaimed, "Why, that isn't about the barn, is it?"

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Helen said...

It really is about the hay bails, isn't it? The barn is strong and necessary; the oak limb is perfect; But it's the bails that I want to count. I imagine the tractor is just outside picture frame bailing up another one. Or maybe the the farmer has moved on to that back field where the grass has been mowed and is awaiting it's turn.


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