Monday, July 19, 2010

Pink Roses

Pink Roses in Pale Turquoise Vase
Cheri Wollenberg
In the late spring one of my students brought fresh roses from her garden for several weeks.  She provided quite an array of colors each week.  My class had the best time painting the still lifes we set up.  We are still painting on some of the images taken in the photo shoots of those sessions.  This painting is one that I cropped so that I could enhance the roses to their full potential.  I wanted some discourse colors added to the composition for interest, but I wanted the pinks to be very  prominent.  I loved doing them.  I had better luck getting these subtle tones of pinks by adding light red to my palette.  I used alizarin crimson and light red for the lightest pinks and added a primary red that I tucked away to given an additional red tone.   I decreased the intensity of the pinks by adding yellow greens and I'm really quite pleased with the result.  I still have a tendency to overwork some, but I'm satisfied that I didn't completely do it in (smiles).

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Carol Blackburn said...

Very nicely done, Cheri. I cannot paint roses to save my life. I am going to try some watermelon though. I bought a 1/4 melon and told my husband not to cut it until I photograph it for painting. The downfall of living with an artist I guess.


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