Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Miriam's Quilt - Part III - Post 4

I heard several days ago from my Facebook Friend and Quilter that she had been busy with personal things, but she has resumed working on the quilt made from the Down On The Farm fabric by Robert Kaufman.  If you are reading this blog and do not know then I must tell you that the animals printed on these fabric panels are from my original paintings.  I'm so honored and excited that there are quilters who are using this fabric in some of their projects whom I actually know or have discovered online.  The creative process of their work is very different from mine; however, we have connected in subject matter....the love of country, nature and farm animals.  Thank you again Miriam for sharing your process with me.  Here is her last post message to me.  Enjoy!!!!!

Hi Cheri,

To continue with the quilt, I had to work on the 9 patch block. It is called 9 patch because it has 9 squares that you sew together. However, 4 squares are two half triangles that are sewn together of different colors. A lot of work goes into the 9 patch blocks. In addition, I was able to started to start sewing the blocks together in a row. I now have 4 of the 8 rows done. After all the rows are done I have to start working on the sashings that goes between each row and on the top and bottom of the quilt with their corresponding small gray squares.

I will try to put more time into the quilt as time permits. As I am sure you know, our time is not always ours to do what we want. I will admit, I am looking forward to finishing it soon. Will continue to keep you up to date.

Warm wishes,


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