Monday, November 17, 2014

Ms Abby - Cow Painting

20x20 Oil on Canvas
Cheri Wollenberg
Painting cows are a delight for me.  I have many references of cattle.  My husband and I are now retired, but we have raised lots of cows in our own time; however, in this post besides showing you my latest painting, I want to tell you a little about my son.   He is in the cattle business in a very big way (the reason I have fresh and more recent cow image resources).  I've mentioned him in earlier posts.  He is a busy person with his job, raising anywhere from 450-650 head of cattle at different times of the year.  He also raises sheep and pigs (rather on a small scale) for his children who are involved in livestock shows.  He also farms and grazes approximately 2,000 acres of grassland, wheat and soybeans.  In addition to all this, he preaches at a small church in our community every Sunday.  Next to my husband I guess I could say that I admire him more than any other man I know.  I have two other men whom I'll share about in another post sometime.  He loves his children and spends time with them.....how he does this I do not have a clue except he has help from Someone Higher than any of us.....a Divine Help!  Of course by now some have decided to quit reading this rather long post, but if you have not....Ms Abby the cow presented in this painting is listed in my Etsy store.   Click to see her.  Thanks for coming by. 

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