Thursday, April 18, 2013

Still Life Painting - White Pottery Teapot And Red Strawberries

14x18 Oil on Canvas
Cheri Wollenberg
Exciting strawberries!  Why would an artist be interested in painting strawberries?  Why would a viewer desire to look at them?  Inspiration in some form or another always comes from our senses.  Everytime I buy strawberries I think to myself I will have to paint them before my husband and I eat them up!  The color of bright red brings a delight to my eyes.  The juicy, wet quality (touch sense) and the tangy smell of them causes me to remember their delicious taste.  All of these reasons cause me as an artist to record those sensations with brush and paint in hand onto a support (canvas).
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Katherine Thomas said...

Your painting is so masterfully done! The composition and colors are perfect and so rich. You bring up an interesting question, as to why we paint what we do, and why somebody enjoys looking at a painting. I htink you're right about the strawberries, they make us feel good because our senses remember what they taste like and how we felt when we ate them. Or they might remind us of people and places where we shared strawberries. It's really fascinating to me how different paintings appeal to different people. I love your strawberries especially because of the contrast with the white china and the napkin. It brings to mind simple pleasures and uncomplicated days. We all need those!

Karen Bruson said...


Carolina Elizabeth said...

Oh how I love your work! This is gorgeous! CE


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