Saturday, March 24, 2012

Red Geraniums in White Enamelware Pot Painting

9x12 Oil on Canvas
Cheri Wollenberg

Birds' Nests!  Finding these little uninhabited homes has given me some playful ideas to use in still life compositions.  I have also been working in flower beds the last several days, and I keep getting inspired by everything around me.  So the red geraniums became part of the still life subject matter along with the lovely little bird nest for this painting. I kind of like the empty nest (smiles).  It can be interpreted as being ready for use by our little feathered friends this spring, or it can be a great or little statement about those of us whose children have vacated our homes.  Either way I certainly enjoyed composing this little still life painting.  I have this painting listed in my Etsy shop.  Just click here to take a further look at it. 


Pencils and Paint said...

This is gorgeous,Cheri! I love the little nest and the bright, cheerful red flowers. I'm going to go check out your Etsy shop. Take care, and have a lovely Sunday! :o)

Susan Roux said...

Very nice Cheri. It sounds like nature is stimulating you in all directions!


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