Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Red Poppy And Red Vase

Red Poppy And Red Vase
12x24 Oil on Canvas
Cheri Wollenberg

Red!  I love the color!  It is is exciting and stimulating.  I loved it as a child, and I think that I may be stimulated to it as a moth is to light.  Red can have both positive and negative connotation as a symbol in our language.  I would not want negative things thought about me personally, but I have a strong attraction for the color.  I would not want others to think of me as being overly confident or outrageous or some of the word language that it could imply, but I do tend to love it in my wardrobe.  A confession that I can make is that I have felt extremely “good” or “appropriately loud” at times in my life when I wore red (laugh).  One thing I know…..red is beautiful, it is exciting, and it gets my attention.  My desire to paint with red is that I simply like it.  I recently purchased a red vase.  It has been “screaming” for me to paint it; but frankly, it is hard to place with other items in a still life.  It is if this vase demands to be the “star of the show” or the focal point.  For some reason I’m challenged to pursue its possibilities and experiment with this vase.  I’m going to paint it in two ways.  This is my first post where I believe I have suppressed its total importance (because of it's exciting color)……giving the first focal direction to a flower….the poppy.  My next post about this vase will be that it is the most important focal point in an arrangement.   Either way………..Red is beautiful!


Carol Blackburn said...

Love it, Cheri....really beautiful.

Katherine Thomas said...

Oh wow! That red vase just leaps off the canvas, like I could reach out and pick it up! I like the color scheme that you used throughout! Beautiful work!

Jennifer Richardson said...

I LOVE your red...needed it like
a vitamin this morning:)
love and thanks,

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Gorgeous painting!!!

Karen Bruson said...

Beautiful painting. Love the palette. Nice, toned down reds. I find reds to be tricky.


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