Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pink and White Peonies

18x18 Oil on Canvas
Cheri Wollenberg
Last spring one of my students brought some pink peonies for my class to paint in a still life arrangement.  I had some white ones that we mixed with them to make a fuller bouquet.  I can almost smell the fragrance they made as I write this post.  Their aroma is extremely pleasing to me.  As I painted this composition, I changed the peonies to a more peach colored pink in this painting.  They were actually an intense or hot pink color, but this particular "vignette" of peonies, I wanted to do warm tones.  I enjoy the challenge of the anatomy of the particular flower, peony.  Since this image was taken, I've painted the bud in the foreground a little sharper.  I felt it didn't need to be quite so lost and it needed to come more forward.  I have set my white peonies in still lifes every year for about 9 years now.  Each year I find that they are a challenge.  I don't know why they are a little difficult, but I thoroughly enjoy the process of painting them and hope that I learn more each time.  To see the price of this painting you can click Peonies


Carol Blackburn said...

Your peonies are awesome, Cheri. Yours are more true to life than most I see done elsewhere.

hmuxo said...

These peonies are beautifully painted. Love the soft colors.


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