Saturday, May 14, 2011

Golden Onions and Crock

8x10 Original Oil Painting
Cheri Wollenberg
It has been an extremely busy week for me, but I managed to finish a few paintings I had started.  This painting of onions and crock is one of them.  My brush danced until I started painting the loose onion skins.  Expression with the brush comes hard and fast for me most of the time, but when approaching a  more complicated area in a compositional set up, I begin to choke up the speed, get in another gear,  and look a little harder at the elements of some subjects.  My first inclination is to say to myself, "This is hard, what were you thinking, why challenge yourself, and you don't have time?"  Then I find myself (using the left side of the brain) thinking out logically that it is only a matter of shapes and lines, don't get bogged down with the subject matter, and get on the other side of the brain and enjoy it.  So, I enjoyed this one!!!!  To purchase this painting click Golden Onions and Crock.


Egretta Wells blog said...

New to your blog, and this is so beautiful! It just glows and when I enlarged it, I just said,

Angela said...

Hi Cheri. Love the scarf

Karen Bruson said...

Great job!

Stephanie Berry said...

New to your blog too...I like this set up with the crock and onion. Nice job w/ the onion skin.

Ruth Andre said...

Cheri, you captured these onions perfectly. Beautiful!


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