Monday, January 24, 2011


12x12 Oil on Canvas
Cheri Wollenberg

I have learned a lot lately about Classical Musicians. When I went to art school we spent little time on visual artists' contemporaries...the "other artists". I was never assigned a paper on any artist other than visual...the ones I was studying. My art history books were full of the different art movements, but my focus, as was my discipline, was so much on the visual that I missed learning about some of the great musicians and writers...what a shame for me? Since I started this small series of naming my paintings after these famed musicians, I have done a little research on each one. I had read and seen movies about Beethoven, but had not personally read much of the other classical composers to any extent. There are so many fascinating, different opinions about these composers' personal lives. One unofficial quote of Mozart, "People make a mistake who think that my art has come easily to me. Nobody has devoted so much time and thought to composition as I. There is not a famous master whose music I have not studied over and over," rung a bell for me as an artist. I feel like I can listen now to classical music with "even more" enthusiasm. Mozart's life was absolutely too short. It sounds like he had so many people who influenced him...both good and bad. I think he had compassion for people as well as "passion" for music. I wish he had been born in our times. Something I am impressed with most as I study anything...the more we know, the more we know we don't know about everything! "Mozart! How I love your music!"  Prints are available at :  Mozart

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