Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ducks Waddling Home

Ducks Waddling Home
9x12 Oil on Stretched Canvas
Cheri Wollenberg

This painting was quite fun for me to do.  When we go to our farm in Oklahoma I am so inspired to do animals.  There are horses, steers (cows) and so many different types of fowl going south this time of the year not to mention the dogs and barn cats, possums, armadillos and the cats of "white and black" that are not so welcome!  The ponds are a retreating place for geese and ducks on their journey south. 
I had one of those artists' moments while we there this last time.....one that all of you artists friends can relate to....  One morning as I was drinking coffee on our back porch, a huge group of egrets were surrounding the cows in the pasture at the bottom of a hill behind our house.  Something startled them and they began flying and they all flew toward our house into the trees in our back yard.  As they were flying in to land on the branches their legs straight behind their bodies, necks forged ahead, and their large wings spanning out like airplanes, they were so interesting and exciting and............you guessed it.........I was without my camera!  It was one of those moments that all us think to ourselves that we need our cameras to  record such a wonderful moment, to capture a shape or position, to catch an exhilarating feeling of awe!  They were gone almost as fast as they flew into my presence and all I have is one vision that sticks in my mind, but one that will inspire me to do some research on those magnificent birds that companion the cattle this time of the year. 
Maybe I will paint them someday....but in the meantime I will paint the duck pictures I have (laugh).  I think I may be chattering!  I haven't posted in a while and for any readers that have actually made it to the end of my story.....now you know why my father's family called me "chatterbox".

This painting is available to buy by following this link:


Sadami said...

Hiya, Cheri!
Lovely and beautiful work! Actually it reminds me of the song...
"Oh My Darling, Clementine."
Kind regards, Sadami

Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Cheri, so cute, but then again I'm a softie for ducks. I have a little wooden duck that sits at my kitchen sink. It was the first thing I bought myself after my divorce from my 1st husband (I really call him my 1st mistake). My current and last husband makes me laugh by talking like Donald Duck and makes the cutest face...... Told ya' I was partial to ducks!

Jennifer Richardson said...

However did you capture
the waddle in a painting?!!?
I can see their lovable swagger
....that brush of yours DOES
Thanks for the grin!

Helen said...

I can only imagine the story that could be built around this image if it was on the cover of a children's book!
But, this is what I think I need to do with this painting. I need to blow it up to poster size then sit and stare at it for about an hour. It might be the best lesson in painting with whites that I could have. How do those blues and purples and grays and yellow-greens make me see white?

Dana Cooper said...

Lesson learned Cheri, never leave your house without your camera even if it's only to the porch! How great that you have that farm which must be an endless source of inspiration...love the waddling ducks!

Claudia Hammer a Painting a day said...

Love the reflected color under the tail.

Angela said...

I love these ducks, It seems like you can just see that all to familiar waddle. Beautiful painting.


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