Friday, July 23, 2010

Oklahoma Black-eyed Susan Meadow

Oklahoma Black-eyed Susan Meadow
Cheri Wollenberg

This is yet another meadow of black eyed susans that I spotted on a drive to Oklahoma. Through the years my husband has quit being startled when I say “stop” to take a photo! In fact he has begun to be on the lookout with me (smiles). Though the black eyed susan is considered a weed I cannot ever dislike it. The golden carpets they make are so inviting. It is like they are speaking to us, telling us to come….run through them, smell them, touch them, pick them, and enjoy them.


Carol Blackburn said...

One of my favorite flowers, Cheri. Your painting is beautiful.

Angela said...

Beautiful Cheri, Keep on painting.

Laurie Pace said...

Cheri, your work is incredible. You can see the power and the Spirit behind each piece. I find when I paint and get in the way, the piece gets down, but it lacks something... yet allowing Him to work through me on that canvas makes all the difference in the finished painting.

Bobbi Heath said...

Love this one Cheri, I agree, how can such a pretty flower be a weed? You captured them beautifully. And thanks for visiting my blog, as well.


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